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经济学人精读节选100篇Forget Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook. Piracy is far more fearsome忘掉杰克·斯派洛和胡克船长吧。盗版要可怕得多

【导读】A riveting new history of aquatic ambushes, from the 1600s to today从 1600 年代到今天的引人入胜的水生伏击新历史。

【1】Enemies of All: The Rise and Fall of the Pirates. By Richard Blakemore. The History Press; 336 pages; £25. To be published in America by Pegasus in August as “The Rise and Fall of the Golden Age of Piracy”; $29.95


例句:Let’s play pirates.

所有人的敌人:海盗的兴衰。理查德·布莱克莫尔 (Richard Blakemore) 着。历史出版社;336 页;25英镑。将于8月由Pegasus在美国出版,名为《海盗黄金时代的兴衰》;售价$29.95

【2】THE VERY word “pirate” has a cheery ring. It evokes wooden legs, eyepatches, coins and cutlasses, as well as the likes of Francis Drake, William Kidd, Blackbeard and Henry Morgan. Children’s and adult fantasy is pirate-packed, from Captain Hook in “Peter Pan” to Johnny Depp’s swashbuckling turn as Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. In Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance”, an opera, the obliging pirates release any captives claiming to be orphans.

单词解析:swashbuckling:adj.表现惊险打斗的;有传奇历险情节的 n.虚张声势;神气活现;吹嘘

例句:Will you play it safe, or will you be a little bit swashbuckling?


【3】The reality is more sordid than that, as Richard Blakemore, a lecturer at the University of Reading, argues in a new book. Labels like “buccaneer”, “corsair” or “privateer” sound even more romantic than “pirate”. So those practising piracy used them. This is not just a question of etymology. In the early part of the golden era of piracy—from roughly the late 17th to the early 18th centuries—pirates under respectable labels often had at least the tacit approval of monarchs and states.


例句:He’s a lecturer in French at Oxford.

现实比这更肮脏,正如雷丁大学讲师理查德·布莱克莫尔(Richard Blakemore)在一本新书中所说。像“海盗”、“海盗”或“私掠者”这样的标签听起来比“海盗”更浪漫。所以那些从事盗版活动的人使用了它们。这不仅仅是词源学的问题。在海盗黄金时代的早期——大约从17世纪末到18世纪初——海盗在受人尊敬的标签下往往至少得到了君主和国家的默许。

【4】Piracy itself is as old as seamanship. But in the author’s telling, it took off after the European discovery of the Americas. The gold, silver and slaves brought back by Portuguese and Spanish ships proved irresistible targets. As well as the lure of booty came the knowledge that, in frequent times of war, pirates were inflicting damage on a sovereign’s opponents. Hence the search for vaguely written official “commissions”, documents that created a veneer of government endorsement for privateering against a state’s declared enemies. Many well-known pirates forswore attacks on ships flying their own national flags.

单词解析: seamanship:n.航海术;船舶驾驶术

例句:He lacks of seamanship.他缺乏船艺知识。


【5】None of this made their acts of piracy any less bestial. British, Dutch and French pirates, often based outside legally constituted colonies, such as off the Azores or on the island of Tortuga near Haiti, lay in wait for Iberian fleets before attacking them. They would raid newly established forts and settlements on the American mainland. No quarter was given: those sailing on captured ships were tortured to reveal where treasure was; slaves were tossed overboard or sold; any women found were treated as mere spoils of battle.

单词解析:treasure:n.财富;珍宝;宝物;珍品;珠宝;金银财宝;备受宠爱(或器重)的人;极贵重的物品;心肝宝贝儿 vt.珍藏;珍视;珍爱;珍重

例句:He amassed great treasure.


【6】As the flow of bullion from Latin America started to dry up, pirates looked elsewhere, often following shipping routes. Some sought to ingratiate themselves with colonial authorities: after making a fortune as a privateer, Henry Morgan (who became the namesake of Captain Morgan rum) even served as lieutenant-governor of Jamaica. As its wealth increased, the North American seaboard became a target, with pirates operating out of the Bahamas. Another hunting ground was the Indian Ocean. Mr Blakemore includes a harrowing account of how pirates flying English flags captured a ship bringing Muslim pilgrims back to India. For days the buccaneers pillaged the ship, tortured victims and raped the female passengers, plundering loot worth some 5m rupees (over £500,000, or $635,000, at the time).

单词解析:pilgrim:n.香客;朝觐者;朝圣的人;清教徒前辈移民(1620年乘五月花号赴美洲,在马萨诸塞建立英国殖民地) v.去朝圣;漫游(pilgrim 的三单形式)

例句:The pilgrims tolled the bell.


【7】As shipping and colonial ambitions shifted, piracy moved too: to the Pacific, to the Barbary Coast of north Africa and indeed to anywhere suitable for plundering. But by the early 18th century, European states had lost patience with these vicious criminals. State-built navies started tackling pirate ships in their lairs.

单词解析:plundering:v.(尤指战乱时用武力) 抢劫,掠夺

例句:The conquerors crossed the country, plundering as they went.


【8】This coincided with the publication 300 years ago of “A General History of the Pyrates”, a book that sold so well that it had four editions and many translations. Mr Blakemore draws on the book extensively, as did Robert Louis Stevensonfor “Treasure Island” and J.M. Barrie for “Peter Pan”. Its most intriguing characters were two female pirate leaders, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who fooled many of their crews into believing they were men and were later rumoured to have been lovers.


例句:It has been so rumoured here.

这与 300 年前出版的《皮拉底通史》相吻合,这本书卖得非常好,有四个版本和许多翻译。布莱克莫尔先生广泛借鉴了这本书,罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森(Robert Louis Stevenson)的《金银岛》(Treasure Island)和J.M.巴里(J.M. Barrie)的《彼得潘》(Peter Pan)也是如此。它最有趣的角色是两位女海盗头目,安妮·邦尼和玛丽·里德,她们愚弄了许多船员,让他们相信他们是男人,后来有传言说他们是恋人。

【9】Piracy continues even today. The author closes his story not just with reflections on the inaccuracies of Hollywood’s romantic portrayal of pirates, but also with a look at those still operating, including off Somalia. Nowadays profits come more from ransoming ships and crewsthan from plunder and rape. But the evil of these aquatic enemies persists all the same.


例句:His portrayal of the character is vivid and true to life.



1)原文:As the flow of bullion from Latin America started to dry up, pirates looked elsewhere, often following shipping routes.


As the flow (of bullion (from Latin America)) started to dry up|| pirates looked [elsewhere]often following shipping routes.


as 为连词,引导状语从句。
started 为谓语,采用一般过去时。
to dry 为不定式,作宾语。
pirates 开头为陈述句。
looked 为谓语,采用一般过去时。
often following 为现在分词,作状语。
shipping 为动名词。
the 为定冠词。



经济学人精读节选100篇Not so Jolly Rogers不是那么乔利·罗杰斯插图3

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