经济学人精读节选100篇Want to avoid woke stockmarket rules? List in Texas想避免唤醒的股市规则吗?德克萨斯州的名单


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The Lone Star State is ready to take on New York 孤星州已准备好迎接纽约

【1】“EQUITIES IN DALLAS,” cried the traders in “Liar’s Poker”, an account by Michael Lewis of his life as a junior banker in the late 1980s. Demotion from New York to the backwater of Texas would be a humiliation. Who wants to sling shares to yokels?


例句:This agency will be relegated to the backwaters of Washington 这个机构将沦落为华盛顿闭塞落后之地。

“达拉斯的股票,”迈克尔·刘易斯(Michael Lewis)在1980年代后期作为初级银行家的生活的“骗子扑克”(Liar’s Poker)中的交易员喊道。从纽约降级到德克萨斯州的死水将是一种羞辱。谁想把股票吊在轭上?

【2】Times may be changing. On June 4th an upstart Texas Stock Exchange (TXSE) said it had received $120m in funding from financial giants including BlackRock, a fund manager, and Citadel Securities, a marketmaker. The TXSE will, its boss wrote, be the best-capitalised challenger to the New York Stock Exchange.


时代可能正在改变。6月4日,德克萨斯州证券交易所(TXSE)表示,它已从基金经理贝莱德(BlackRock)和做市商Citadel Securities等金融巨头那里获得了1.2亿美元的资金。TXSE的老板写道,TXSE将成为纽约证券交易所资本最雄厚的挑战者。

【3】No New Yorker should expect actual exile, for the exchange will be electronic. The aim is to lure firms that resent the Big Apple’s listing requirements. The Nasdaq, a tech-heavy exchange, introduced a rule in 2021 requiring many firms to have two “diverse directors” by December 2025, one of whom must be a woman and one gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or from another “underrepresented minority”—or else to “provide explanation”. The TXSE will be less demanding.


例句:The facts allow of only one explanation. 这些事实只可能有一种解释。

任何纽约人都不应该期待真正的流亡,因为交换将是电子的。其目的是吸引那些对大苹果上市要求不满的公司。纳斯达克是一家以科技股为主的交易所,它在 2021 年出台了一项规则,要求许多公司在 2025 年 12 月之前拥有两名“多元化董事”,其中一名必须是女性,另一名男同性恋、女同性恋、双性恋、跨性别者或其他“代表性不足的少数群体”——否则必须“提供解释”。TXSE的要求将降低。

【4】America once boasted dozens of exchanges. At first, Philadelphia’s was America’s leading stockmarket. The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825, which turned New York into America’s main port, and the decline of the Philadelphia-based Second Bank of the United States saw Wall Street eclipse its rival. Firms then plumped for the deepest and most liquid market. Even the gold rush of the late 19th century, which saw regional exchanges spring up, was not enough to reverse the trend. Today America is left with a handful of exchanges, mostly based in Chicago and New York, but available anywhere in the country with electronic communication.

单词解析:eclipse:n.日食;月食;(重要性、权势等的)丧失,黯然失色,暗淡vt. 使相形见绌;使失色;遮住…的光;使丧失重要性

例句:Eclipse is a very intriguing astronomic phenomenon. 日食是非常引人入胜的天文现象。

美国曾经吹嘘过几十个交易所。起初,费城是美国领先的股票市场。1825 年伊利运河的开通使纽约成为美国的主要港口,而总部位于费城的美国第二银行的衰落使华尔街黯然失色。然后,公司涌入最深、流动性最强的市场。即使是19世纪末的淘金热,地区交流如雨后春笋般涌现,也不足以扭转这一趋势。今天,美国只剩下少数几家交易所,主要位于芝加哥和纽约,但在美国任何地方都可以通过电子通信获得。

【5】Even the NYSE is now starting to look like a relic, though, with its opening bells, 9.30am-to-4pm hours and blue-jacketed traders. By contrast, exchange-traded funds, one of the most common ways of buying shares, trade off-exchange and after hours. Geography is irrelevant and listing locations ought to have little impact on valuations or the liquidity available. That makes things easier for an upstart based somewhere unusual, and offering less demanding requirements. “Equities in Dallas” may one day be said with more relish.


例句:This stone axe is a relic of ancient times. 这石斧是古代的遗物。



1)原文:he Nasdaq, a tech-heavy exchange, introduced a rule in 2021 requiring many firms to have two “diverse directors” by December 2025, one of whom must be a woman and one gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or from another “underrepresented minority”—or else to “provide explanation”.


he Nasdaq,a tech-heavy exchange,introduced(谓语) a rule in 2021 requiring(现在分词) many firms to have(不定式) twodiverse directorsby December 2025, one (of {whom})(后置定语) must be a woman and one gay,lesbian,bisexual,trans or from another “underrepresented minority“-[or else] to “provide explanation“.


introduced 为谓语,采用一般过去时。
requiring 为现在分词,作后置定语。
to have 为不定式,作宾语补足语(或称复合宾语)。
be 为系动词作谓语。
to ” provide 为不定式。
must 为情态动词。he 为人称代词主格。a 为不定冠词。



经济学人精读节选100篇Want to avoid woke stockmarket rules? List in Texas想避免唤醒的股市规则吗?德克萨斯州的名单插图3

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